Energize outdoor spaces for Labor Day entertaining with Pike Nurseries

Local garden center helps gardeners prepare outdoor spaces for fantastic fall weather

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 — ATLANTA (August 22, 2017) – It’s almost Labor Day weekend, and gardens everywhere are gearing up for outdoor parties! The experts at Pike Nurseries have tips for helping green thumbs maximize outdoor spaces and prepare to usher in the first hints of fall. From spicing up color on luscious lawns to ensuring pests stay put, Pike Nurseries has everything needed to prepare for the long weekend’s festivities! 

Beautify backyards

  • “Fall” in love with color
    Prepare for garden party guests by adding a variety of color to the garden. Refresh and replace flower beds and container gardens with fall flowers that begin blooming now -- and will last until the first frost of the season. To gear up for Labor Day weekend, the experts at Pike Nurseries can help green-thumbs plant magnificent mums as well as echinacea, rudbeckia, zinnias, lantana and more!
  • Liven up the landscape
    Start fresh this fall by boosting curb appeal with new landscaping designs! Homeowners can take advantage of Pike Nurseries’ landscaping services to amplify the charm of the backyard. The landscape experts at Pike Nurseries provide on-site design appointments which can aid in visualizing a lawn’s full potential. A well-designed landscape can boost property value, lower energy costs and assist in reducing noise pollution.
  • Fruitful Fertilizing
    Maximize gardens by fertilizing existing fescue lawns every six weeks from now through mid-April. Homeowners needing to re-seed or seed a new lawn can do so now with fescue. This cool-season grass with an active growing period between fall and early spring, can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it a perfect fit for Labor Day fun on the lawn! Lawns comprised of warm-season grasses like bermuda or zoysia, are entering their dormant period and can forego fertilization.

Keep out

  • Wave goodbye to weeds
    Perfect garden appearances by eliminating weeds! Gardeners can fight off existing weeds from the roots up with Bonide Weed Beater Complete, with visible results in just 24 hours. For fortunate weed-free lawns, green thumbs can continue to prevent future weeds with Pike Crabgrass Preventer. Apply this pre-emergent preventer to lawns before seeds have time to germinate, and weeds will be taken care of before they can appear.
  • Tell pests to bug off
    Don’t let uninvited guests ruin the Labor Day cook-out! Utilize Thermacell or Bonide Mosquito Beater fogger to ensure optimum results. Lavender and Amazon Lights citronella candles can provide dual action results by working as repellant and serving as Labor Day patio décor! Gardeners can also repel mosquitos with household scents by placing plants and oils such as lemon thyme, rosemary and citrosa (citronella) scented geraniums around gathering areas. Another solution includes Bonide Mosquito Beater water soluble pouches as they will stop the lifecycle by killing mosquito larvae without adding harm to other inhabitants. These pouches can safely be dropped into fish ponds or standing water to create a pest-free garden space.  

Pump up the party

  • Deck out the Patio
    Create the perfect, relaxing outdoor space for Labor Day entertaining with patio furniture. Pike Nurseries carries a full selection of quality and durable patio and outdoor furniture from loungers to seating arrangements, to full dining sets in multiple styles. Homeowners can always receive 30-50 percent off patio furniture purchases at Pike Nurseries!
  • From Garden to Grill
    Whether gearing up for kick-off or hosting an end-of-summer soiree, Pike Nurseries offers premium grills for outdoor dining needs. The versatile Kamado Joe ceramic grill functions as a grill, smoker and oven combined. The compact, portable Kamado Joe Jr. allows chefs to take over the tailgate party with the same versatility of the classic Joe. The stainless steel Saber grills use infrared technology to cook more accurately and efficiently—locking in flavorful juices to leave guests wanting seconds.

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