Pike Nurseries helps gardeners in the battle against mosquitoes

Pike Nurseries helps gardeners in the battle against mosquitoes

Local garden experts share scoop on getting the pesky bugs to buzz off


Everyone’s least-favorite bugs are back! Warmer weather means more time spent in the great outdoors gardening, barbecuing and picnicking. Rainy, summer days in the region also mean more mosquitoes, the ultimate uninvited guests. Thankfully, the experts at Pike Nurseries have some quick and easy ways to dismiss the pesky bugs from outdoor spaces!

  • Get rid of stagnant water – The most effective way to keep mosquitoes away from outdoor havens is to eliminate their housing options! Since mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, the experts encourage gardeners to empty any standing water left in flower pot saucers, remove debris piles and refresh bird baths regularly with clean water. If the problem persists, adding a water-soluble pouch of Bonide Mosquito Beater into standing water, such as fish ponds or bird baths, will kill mosquito larvae, ceasing their lifecycle without harming fish or other aquatic organisms. Pro-tip: Bonide Mosquito Beater can also be mixed with water and used as a spray around the backyard!
  • Make a scent event – Let the garden do the work! Many aromatic plants and their oils naturally repel mosquitoes and can easily be planted in containers on patios and porches so as to be near outdoor gathering areas. Gardeners can plant lemongrass and Citrosa (citronella) scented geranium in full sun and crush the leaves to make a DIY natural repellant, rubbing the oils directly onto skin. For the ultimate, fragrant repellant for patio parties, the Amazon Lights citronella candle boasts citronella, rosemary, thyme and Brazilian andiroba with 300 to 500 percent more essential oils than most citronella products – and even adds ambiance!
  • Use products from the pros– For large areas that need anti-mosquito ammunition, the experts recommend Thermacell, an odorless, portable clip-on device that creates a 15-foot bug-free zone and is human and pet safe. Mosquito Beater fogger is another great option for eliminating bugs in big backyards! Simply spray the fog around the perimeter of the yard ahead of heading outdoors to eliminate bugs in the area for a few hours per use. If tackling more serious mosquito infestations, Pike Nurseries experts recommend the DynaTrap, which is kid and pet-safe and produces carbon dioxide to lure in the pests, trap and eliminate them.

For more information on mosquito-fighting tools, please visit Pike Nurseries online at www.pikenursery.com.

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