Pike Nurseries recommends top shrubs for year-round color

Pike Nurseries recommends top shrubs for year-round color

Local garden center shares scoop on eight star-studded garden staples!


Fall planting is in full swing! Trees and shrubs are the backbone of every beautiful landscape, providing depth, texture and – in many cases – color from season to season. Planting these garden superheroes in the cooler, fall months provides the optimum amount of time for healthy, robust root systems to develop for strong, established plants come spring. For gardening beginners and seasoned green thumbs alike, Pike Nurseries has the expert advice on the top eight tried-and-true shrubs, sure to make any Southern garden shine!

Eight Top Shrubs for Southern Gardens

  • Loropetalum
    The loropetalum is a genus of three species of shrubs with deep burgundy foliage that bloom with bright pink, red or white fringy flowers in the spring. This evergreen is extremely low maintenance and hardly needs to be pruned and the mature shrubs come in many sizes, making them the perfect addition to any lawn landscape. Loropetalum is adaptable and will do well in full sun to partial shade.
  • Southern Living Nandina
    With shades ranging from dark red to pink to bright yellow to green, the Southern Living Nandina will add texture and depth to any garden landscape. Unlike other species of nandina, the Southern Living varieties are sterile, produce little to no berries and will not overtake the yard. This shrub is exceptionally adaptable and effortlessly transitions from sun to shade, likes moist to dry soil and requires little pampering!
  • Ligustrum ‘Sunshine’
    Ideal as a hedge in the landscape, Ligustrum Sunshine offers year-round bright chartreuse foliage that thrives in full sun. This sterile, non-invasive evergreen will not re-seed into the surrounding area and it does not bloom – good news for allergy sufferers!
  • Goshiki False Holly
    New foliage on the false holly emerges pink, but as the evergreen matures, the leaves turn green with specks of cream and yellow. The false holly will bring vibrant, year-round color to the garden and no two leaves are ever the same! This shrub thrives in full sun to partial shade and needs to be watered regularly for best results.
  • Thread-Branch Cypress
    Golden, thread-like needles drape over the entirety of the Thread-Branch Cypress. It is a slow-growing evergreen conifer that can be easily maintained with minimal pruning. It comes in several different sizes depending on the variety, making it a nice addition to the garden as a stand-alone plant or part of a hedge. This shrub needs to be watered regularly in the early planting stages and thrives best in full sunlight.
  • Camellia
    Many Southern gardeners are familiar with this botanical beauty! Camellias love the Southern climate and boast long blooming seasons with a remarkable range of colors, forms and sizes that cover glossy leaves with vibrant blooms, even into the cooler weather. These evergreen shrubs thrive in spaces with light shade and moderate to regular watering and can be planted in large containers or directly in the ground! Plant camellia sasanquas – that are in bloom now through January – along with camellia japonicas that bloom in late winter and early spring.
  • Encore® Azalea
    Another familiar sight in Southern landscapes, Encore Azaleas rebloom in spring, summer and winter and provide year-round foliage color. Unlike other azaleas, Encore Azaleas thrive in the sun and come in a range of sizes, colors and varieties. These rockstar shrubs prefer acidic soil and regular watering.
  • Dwarf Japanese Maple
    The Dwarf Japanese Maple is a show-stopping choice that isn’t limited by smaller spaces. This dwarfed tree has deeply serrate foliage that adds texture to the landscape as well as a rich and gorgeous color ranging from bright reds to dark purples. Dwarf maples are often used for bonsai and rock gardens and are also great for container gardens, only averaging between six and eight feet at full maturity!
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