Red, White and Bloom at Pike Nurseries this Fourth of July!

Red, White and Bloom at Pike Nurseries this Fourth of July!

Local garden center offers patriotic plants to light up backyards for the holiday


Pike Nurseries invites guests to ignite their Fourth of July festivities with an all-American oasis in the backyard.  The experts at the garden center have included the perfect blend of patriotic plants to make any landscape burst with color this Independence Day. From light blue hydrangeas to regal red geraniums, the experts at Pike Nurseries have a host of suggestions for creating a star-spangled garden guests are sure to enjoy!

Blossoming Blues

  • Evolvulus, known to most as dwarf morning glory, is a summer favorite. The ocean-blue petals from this flourishing flower will dazzle best in the morning rays but tend to close during the afternoon hours.  Evolvulus is waterwise and thrives in those hot July days.
  • Hydrangeas are a colorful complement to every budding sanctuary. A signature feature in southern gardens, this beautiful flower ball has gorgeous blooms that are blue when grown in acidic soil. It prefers richer soil, consistent moisture and a shady spot to perform its best.

Radiant Reds

  • Salvias are considered low-maintenance and attract hummingbirds that help keep these heat-tolerant, deer-resistant and waterwise beauties blooming! Since they thrive in higher temperatures and full sun, an ideal time to plant salvia is early to late summer.
  • Calliope Geraniums are sun-loving, heat tolerant flowers that also bloom well in partial shade. Performs best with weekly waterings (more frequently in the hottest months) and regular fertilizing. They prosper in late spring to early fall.  Remove spent blooms to encourage new ones and give the plant a little trim to rejuvenate and re-shape mid-season.
  • Begonias keep their stunning appearance of full foliage and flowers by surviving on three key factors: ample water, plenty of fertilizer and rich well-drained soil. These radiant reds love the summer sun but may need additional watering at their roots on extra hot, dry days – just be careful not to over-saturate, which can lead to rotting roots!

Wonderous Whites

  • Caladiums grow to their full potential in filtered sunlight and shade, with beautifully variegated foliage ranging from white to pink to red. For patriotic plantings, the white patterned leaves make lovely additions! As tropical plants they can tolerate the heat, but rich soil with a plethora of organic matter such as mushrooms, compost or chopped leaves is preferred to keep these heart-shaped leaves healthy and full.  These garden champions are also deer-resistant!
  • Angelonia are no strangers to searing summer heat and thrive in sunny spots with lots of airflow. While these plants look lovely planted alone, they also make great “thrillers” in mixed containers and will couple great with any radiant red or blossoming blue!
  • Pentas are commonly referred to as butterfly whites, since they attract these friendly pollinators. They thrive best in full sun and are waterwise and deer resistant! Pentas also complement salvias and evolvulus when paired in container gardens!

For gardeners looking for an instantly spirited aesthetic, the pre-planted Patriotic Colorbowls at Pike Nurseries are the perfect choice to add a fresh take to the patio or double as a charming host gift. For those looking to plant their own festive flowerpot, Pike Nurseries offers glazed pottery in red, white or blue to uphold the spirited theme and create a haven for colorful backyard blooms.

For more information on how to create the perfect patriotic garden, please visit or stop by a local Pike Nurseries garden center.

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