Save big now and benefit all year round: Pike Nurseries offering limited-time landscaping promotion through August 19!

Save big now and benefit all year round: Pike Nurseries offering limited-time landscaping promotion through August 19!

Beat the fall rush by letting the garden experts tend to landscaping needs

Fall is the best time to plant and with autumn fast approaching, there’s no time like the present to have the experts at Pike Nurseries take the guesswork out of gardening and tend to landscaping needs. Homeowners looking to beat the fall rush can book any landscaping installation project now through August 19 and receive a special early booking discount and FREE drip irrigation! For homeowners with or without “green thumb” knowledge, strategic landscaping not only provides a plethora of benefits to the lawn, but it can keep the wallet healthy and green too.

Increased Property Value
A well designed landscape can not only boost curb appeal, but it can add up to 20 percent to the home’s value. Incorporating strategic lighting into the design can also discourage crime by making it more difficult for criminals to access the home unseen.

Lowered Energy Costs
Planting trees around the exterior of the home can help beat the heat by lending natural shade, insulation and even help save money on air conditioning costs. During colder months, trees can block brisk winter winds to help decrease heating costs.

Maximized Functionality and Enjoyability
Who doesn’t love to enjoy a quiet evening outdoors? Strategic landscaping can keep noise pollution at a minimum, block unsightly views and increase the overall size of the home by adding outdoor living space for family and friends to enjoy. Homeowners looking for more functionality can incorporate edible plants, like vegetables, fruits and herbs, to provide healthy and convenient sources of nutrition while alleviating added costs in the kitchen.

Positive Environmental Impact
Plants not only help humans but benefit local wildlife too. They can provide food and shelter for bees, birds, butterflies, squirrels and other animals. Plus, plants reduce air pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, which helps the earth (and its inhabitants) breathe easier.

Whether it’s a complete yard overhaul or a simple planting, Pike Nurseries is a trusted name for landscaping installation and design. For discount details and to book an appointment, visit Pike Nurseries online at or call 404-255-7526. Offer is valid only through August 19; some restrictions may apply. 

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